Polymer Lithium Battery 042541 from GMB is thinnest batteries, thinnest Polymer Lithium Battery 042541 3.7V18mAh, Thinnest liPo battery 042541 from GMB is thinner than a paper, liPo battery 042541 is the thinnest size from China.

We foucs on closely to market and keep pace with latest demand of SPECIAL shape LiPo batteries, Such as Arc LiPo cells, we have several existing arached batteries for customer;s choosing , and also we can make customs cells for clients.

Polymer Lithium Battery 301009 from GMB is smallest or tiny batteries, Polymer Lithium Battery 301009 8mAh, gives 10 C-rate, smallest li-Po battery 301009 from GMB is smaller than your nail, li-Po battery 301009 7mAh, gives 10 discharge rate, smallest size from China.